Idea flows


As Sociologists say 'MAN IS A SOCIAL BEING'

Irrespective of gender, age, color, religion, part of the world we are from, as human beings, we have an innate need to belong to a group and at the same time be unique in that group. We ceaselessly endeavor to belong and standout at the same time. Since time immemorial, human beings have used the body to show their affiliations to a group and their status within that group.  In the contemporary context, FASHION has become the way to create an unique identity.

In general Clothing (not always the Fashionable kind) is used as:

  • Wearable art - highly decorated clothing
  • Way of forming or maintaining identity (Ethnic clothing, uniforms)
  • Commentary on the body or Reflection of body image (showing off a good figure / physique, hiding oddities in body shape by manipulating colors or shapes)

Fashion  is used as an index of affluence and mobility:
                      Wearing Designer Made? You are considered affluent. Wearing an Expensive Reproduction? You are considered upwardly mobile. Wearing a Copy, you are considered as yet to arrive.

Fashion reflects the individual's personality traits or character: Fashion (our apparel choice) is the barometer of how people perceive us.

  • Are you wearing Avant Garde clothing and you look killer in it? You are a Fashion Leader.
  • Are you wearing something similar to what a celebrity wore and it looks good on you? You are a Fashion Follower.
  • Are you wearing what a celebrity wore and not sure how you look in it? You are a Fashion Victim.
  • Are you wearing ethnic or other not so common kind of clothing? Majority of times, you are looked at as the Odd One who escaped from a backward world.

Leader, Follower, Commoner (Victim), Odd One, is how you will be perceived as individuals also! Unconciously we would be thinking of ourselves in these same terms!!!!!

FASHION SENSE is the ability to tell and choose which of the current fashion would look good or bad on us.

Fashion also affects the way we perceive ourselves! If we think we are fashionable, we are outgoing in a group of people. If we think we are not that fashionable, we want to be invisible in a group of people. Our perception of how well or how bad we are dressed influences our confidence levels.