Idea flows


DEFINITION: Application of design colours through a screen which lets out colours only in the required pattern.

A tightly framed fabric with glue painted on it leaving the design without glue (screen). Screen is placed over cloth. Colour paste is spread over the unglued design area, paste passes through screen and deposits on cloth.

Designs of any size and type can be made with screen printing. The number of colours that can be used is also high. One screen per colour in required pattern is required.



Methods of Transferring Design to Screen:

• Direct Painting – areas from which print paste should not penetrate is painted with water proof material by hand.

• Profile Method – Stencil film with design is pasted on the screen.

• Resist Method – Suitable resist material is painted and lacquered. Then the screen is washed to set the paint+lacquer.

• Photographic Method – Photo sensitive material is evenly applied to screen and then the design is exposed on the screen. Photo sensitive material in areas where design is not required hardens.