Idea flows


Trims are raw materials other than fabric used in constructing (making) a garment/clothing/apparel. Trims are classified into categories based on how they are made and their placement on the garment. Trims can be used for either functional or decorative purpose. Broadly trims are categorized as:

  1. Labels
  2. Thread
  3. Interlinings
  4. Closures
  5. Shoulder Pads
  6. Elastics
  7. Tapes and Cords
  8. Laces and Braids
  9. Rivets and Studs
  10. Rhine stones
  11. Tags
  12. Packaging Materials


Functional trims are those that serve a particular purpose on the garment. Functional  trims can also serve the purpose of decorating depending upon the individual trims design details. Broadly, Functional trims serve one or more of the following purposes in a garment:

  • Make the garment (Threads)
  • Give shape or support (re-inforce) areas of the garment (Shoulder pads, interlinings, elastics)
  • Give product information and instructions for product care and maintenance (Labels, Tags, Packing materials)
  • Close, open or fasten(secure in a place) the garment (Closures, Elastics, Tapes, Chords, Grommets or Eyelets)
  • Protect the garment while in store display, storage or transportation (Packing Material)


Decorative trims help to decorate or embellish the garment, thereby improving appearance of clothing. Often, functional trims double up as decorative trims (a few closures, tapes, cords, elastics, labels). Trims that are purely decorative are:

  • Laces and Braids
  • Some of Rivets and Studs
  • Some of Packing Materials